On this #TransDayofRemembrance, we are heavy with grief and fury as we honor all of our fallen trans siblings lost to senseless violence. Trans women of color, especially black trans women and black trans sex workers, are routinely under attack more than anyone in our communities. We are sick and tired of trans lives being snuffed out by hate, ignorance, and criminalization. Through our grief, we also recognize that the ‘R’ can stand for Resistance and Resilience, two qualities that trans folks have always held close to our hearts. Our world constantly tries to destroy us, but the violence enacted against us will come to an end one day, and we will continue fighting for the future where trans folks can live full, authentic, safe, and liberated lives.

Art by Ashleigh Shackelford 🖤

#TDOR #TDOR2018 #BlackTransLivesMatter #WeWillNotBeErased