Black Power Book Club is a place for Black LGBTQIA+ people to raise our consciousness on all things pro-Black, pro-trans, pro-queer, pro-LIBERATION!

WHEN: Second Tuesday of every month at 7:00-8:00 PM

WHERE: Art Outside the Lines (485 E Livingston Ave)

*This space is exclusively for people who identify as Black and LGBTQIA+*

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As a collective, we are gearing up to start a sex-work decriminalization campaign. To educate ourselves, we started reading Playing the Whore by Melissa Gira Grant in February 2020!

Here is the link to a PDF of the book so you can follow along if you don’t have your own copy!

March 10th — Chapters 3 and 4

April 14th — Chapters 5 and 6

May 12th — Chapters 7 and 8

No Black Power Book Club in June because we’ll be doing Community Pride things!

July 14th — Chapters 9 and 10

Past readings (reverse chronological order):

  • Assata: An Autobiography by Assata Shakur
  • Are Prisons Obsolete? by Angela Davis