BQIC’s membership is made up of folks who identify as Black and LGBTQ+, and we recognize the need for everyone in the fight for liberation. We don’t need non-Black, cis-het “allies” who only pay lip service to our cause but don’t actually risk anything to challenge oppression. We need accomplices–people who don’t identify as Black and LGBTQIA+ who are still actively engaged in efforts to secure Black, queer, trans, and intersex liberation. We call on you to support our efforts by volunteering their time, resources, and any other means of support so that we can create lasting change together.

Accomplices understand that their liberation is intertwined with ours and join us in our longterm fight against all forms of oppression, especially anti-blackness, transphobia, homophobia. To stay in the know about how to support BQIC, join our Accomplice mailing list.

We will have quarterly meetings where all community members are welcome to find out about and stay up to date with BQIC’s current campaigns and initiatives and how to support them. Stay tuned for info on our first quarterly meeting.