BQIC is a collective for those who identify as Black and LGTBQIA+ only. We’re always looking for more Black queer and trans folks to become members!

Everyone is needed and everyone’s work is valuable.

If you imagine a world where you and all other Black LGBTQIA+ folks are free from oppression, you have the power to work towards that world regardless of your talent or ability. Everyone has a place in the movement because our freedom will be shared. People with all passions–artists, writers, chefs, educators, stylists, planners, fighters, thinkers, gamers, and more–have always played massive roles in political movements, and so can you. Let’s work together to build our Black LGBTQIA+ communities up so we can support each other throughout the struggle. Join our membership interest email list to stay in the know about upcoming member meetings and ways to stay involved.

If you don’t identify as Black and LGBTQIA+, learn about how you can be an accomplice to BQIC.